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In this course, students are trained on the physiology and anatomy of the brain, peripheral nervous system, endocrine system and spinal cord. The biological systems study promotes better mind-body relationships understanding which are vital to thirst, hunger emotion, sex, sleep, memory and learning.

Students also study medical theories, treatment, and assessment of psychological disorders that include drug therapy and imaging technologies. Cognitive psychology course takes a scientific approach to understand major mental processes used in daily cognition. The course topics that our expert writers can offer assistance with include: Students in this course learn the body and mind relationship as it relates to stress, health and how a person responds to medical treatment. The course also involves review of physiology and anatomy of the endocrine system, the nervous system and immune system among other organ systems.

In this course, students get to learn successful ways of managing stress, recovering from disease and injury, and sustaining health. This is a course specially designed for students getting into fields of human service.

Under this course behavior change models and theories are compared and contrasted and client needs to be determined. Students also apply counseling skills and motivational strategies as well as evaluate ethical and moral issues.

Further, cultural concepts and competency are discussed under this course. This is a course that synthesizes major concepts, perspectives, and ideas gained from adult development study.

Students in this course are required to critically evaluate their experiences and knowledge achieved all through the program. This is a course that offers students a synthesis of perspectives, theories, major ideas and concepts achieved from psychology study.

The course also facilitates the creation of research projects that give students a chance to integrate knowledge and learning gained from real life experience. This course offers graduate study introduction in the psychology field. Students explore psychology as a profession and a science.

They also examine professional organizations and roles, professional and ethical standards, hypothetical perspectives, and current practical psychology applications to real-world circumstances.

This course covers contextual and developmental experiences of people across their lifetime. Prominence is placed on questions and issues that have subjugated the field in the past and continue to offer momentum for research. Information in this course focuses on articles that illustrate and describe current trends and theories.

Students read selected readings that relate to personal interest and weekly topics. The topics comprise of theoretical trends and research foundations, guidelines and ethics, strength and wellness, human developmental framework, and death issues. This course gives a detailed assessment of the social psychology science and how it is utilized in managing and aiding contemporary social issues understanding.

Topics in this course include social quandaries met in the fields of psychological and bodily health, the place of work, the learning system, and the lawful system. Students also learn decisive theories and study that informs the social psychology practical application to real-life circumstances. Students will also further apply this course while explaining current social problems. Personality Theories course offers an outline of the crucial ideas and opinions of the major personality theories.

Learners review the scientific value and legitimacy of these theories as per the case studies that demonstrate how they are applied to the psychological disorders treatment and how personality evaluations are used in diverse settings. Detailed descriptions of fit and unhealthy types of personalities are stressed.

Students are further challenged to assess a variety of assessment apparatus as they relay to the relevant theories being offered. Learning and Cognition course initiates students to various learning and cognition dimensions, which vary from the essential processes learning to the perspectives that endorse meta-cognition and self-regulation.

Learning and cognition course is made up of many topics that include attention, categorization, memory, problem solving, language acquisition, epistemology, and diversity recognition.

Students will further study a broad content range through an assorted compilation of peer-reviewed articles that focus on the different learning and cognition aspects.

The course emphasizes core findings, recognized facts, learning and cognition skills that are pertinent to a broad contexts range. Students in biological behavior bases course investigate the detailed anatomy and physiology of the brain, together with cellular makeup, synaptic communication, and medical neuroanatomy.

Theories that center on the brain function and behavior relationship is reviewed in this course. Students also get to demonstrate their understanding of significant brain systems, including those entailed in sensation, language, movement, emotions and memory.

Through a behavioral neuroscience history review, students get to learn about the association between symptom arrangement and underlying neuroanatomy theories as well as how the theories have developed over time. Students will further learn significant study methods utilized in neuroscience through analyzing present brain aging concepts as they finalize the course, students design a proposal that focuses on specific disorder in the neurophysiology area. Students in this course study the action of drugs, both recreational and therapeutic, on the body with a stress on the brain.

Psychiatric disorders biological basis theories are investigated as a foundation for investigating the proficient standards behind remedial drug use. More examinations on drug use history, ethical concerns, and research methods are scrutinized in this course.

This course assesses the essential concepts of general quantitative research methods and initiates research design through mixed and qualitative methods. In quantitative methods review, stress is placed on trial research designs.

In this course, students get to choose suitable study designs and methodologies for diverse research questions. Further, the course culminates in a research proposal topics selected by the students. Students here review psychological evaluation used in appraising personality, aptitude, success, and career-related skills and interests in a range of work settings. The course provides students with chances to examine psychometric methodologies naturally employed in the expansion and validation of educational and psychological tests.

Students also apply facts of psychological measurement values to assessment and testing data with an emphasis on professional and ethical interpretation. Challenges and issues related to assessment and testing with varied populations is also included in this course. Psychopathology course initiates students to phenomenological and objective understandings of emotional disorders and symptoms.

Students in this course draw from diverse historical and theoretical perspectives to construct their diagnostic and treatment methods and expand their evidence-based practices appreciation. In addition, students get encouraged to conceptualize psychopathology from a socio-culturally susceptible point of view through the assessment of culture-related conditions.

Diagnostic handbooks and manuals are also discussed and applied all through this course. This course scrutinizes comparisons and distinctions in medical and psychotherapy psychology, with more emphasis on specialized functions and activities. Students gain more responsiveness of their feelings toward diverse professional and ethical issues, psychoanalysis modalities, conjectural orientations, and medical involvements through case studies.

Evidenced-based applications and psychiatric therapy integration are also covered within this course. The above mentioned course is the concluding educational practice for the Master of Arts in Psychology. Here, students integrate and use what they have been learning all through the course to convene competencies as summarized in the course learning outcomes.

Students also get exposed to a holistic psychology view as a discipline, and they get encouraged to reflect critically about the wider themes that connect varying psychology subfields. Students also reflect on the program experience as a whole and consider how the themes of the course apply to varying public and professional settings.

The course gives students an opportunity to perform and display skills necessary for success after graduation. Professional Psychology Dissertation Writers Are you a PhD student and experience difficulties writing your Psychology dissertation paper? Professional Psychology Term Paper Writers A term paper is basically a research paper that accounts for a large part of a grade and written by psychology students over an academic term. Professional Psychology Research Writers If you are looking for professional psychology writers who can conduct adept research and deliver positive results, then Brainstorm Essays is your right destination.

Get Expert help with any of these and other Psychology Topics. Should School Uniforms be Banned? Examples of psychology classes we can assist Introduction to Psychology Introduction to psychology course comprises a study of selected psychology topics that include research methods, sensation, physiological psychology, consciousness, perception and motivation, roles of gender, memory, psychotherapy, social psychology and abnormal behavior.

Child and Adolescent Development This course introduces students to human growth and development nature as it takes place from the time of conception up to adolescent stage. Adult Growth and Assessment of Life Under this course, students learn about adult development theory and connect theoretical life and learning concepts through a reflection and psychometric process. Human Sexuality Psychology Human Sexuality Psychology course examines a number of sexuality perspective with the inclusion of social, psychological, cultural and biological dimensions.

Lifespan Development Life span development is a course that includes the application of different psychology fields into a broad study of human development right from childhood through adolescent up to adulthood.

The Adulthood Journey Under this course, students are introduced to varying views, research findings, perspectives and principles across the continuum of adulthood that includes early, middle and late adulthood. Elderly People Cognitive Functioning This is a course that explores cognitive functioning after later life with the inclusion of socioeconomic, biological, cognitive adaption, environmental and life history factors.

Perception, Learning, and Cognition In this course, students will study theory and research about mental processes in human mind.

Behavioral and Social Sciences Statistics In this course, inferential and descriptive statistics are studied and varying statistical analysis techniques introduced. Research Methods This course includes an introduction to research methodology, plan and analysis foundations.

Personality Theories Personality theories course reviews the main principles and concepts of major personality theories.

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