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❶To drop the use of homework, then, a school or district would be obliged to identify a practice that produces a similar effect within the confines of the school day without taking away or diminishing the benefits of other academic activities—no easy accomplishment.

The Case for Homework

The Case Against Homework
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Abess Park Elementary School

What is our mission? Moreland Extended Day partners with families and our community to support the success of the whole child. Our commitment to our children extends far beyond the program hours as we empower them to move confidently throughout their lives.

How much does it cost? Our tuition is based on an annual rate broken into 10 equal payments due the 15th of each month. How do you sign up? Registration forms are available in the Latimer front office, the Extended Day Classroom, the Moreland District Office, and online here at our website on the Forms page. Welcome to Latimer Extended Day! Dates to remember Feb 12 - Tuition Due. Feb 15 - Late Fee Assessed. Increased Supervision For Children The more time children spend at school, the less time their parents have to spend on locating supervision for them.

Parents are also able to save valuable financial resources that are typically spent on babysitters. The amount of time children spend in school also shrinks the amount of time that they have on their own in the afternoons. Parents of older children who consistently have to worry about the mischief that their kids will get into when they have spare time before Mom and Dad get home from work are able to breathe much more easily.

Children are also able to obtain more resources during the longer school day and the parental burden of feeding them and providing activities is significantly reduced.

Additional Costs To The School The longer the school remains open each day, the higher their costs become. Teachers require additional compensation, as do other staff members. Schools that can typically get by without paying out full time salaries and benefits are no longer able to. Schools also tend to be large buildings, so the longer they are open, the higher the utility bills will climb. Schools are also forced to deal with the true issues in student lives that often keep them from reaching their full academic potential.

Less Time For The Carefree Activities Of Youth Those who are against longer school days often have fond memories of their own youth, of weekday afternoon spent outdoors, riding bikes and playing sports.

They see the longer school day as a proposal that will rob our children of their precious youth. While these experiences have been discounted by those who are proponents for the longer school days, these moments also play a large role in determining what kind of adult a child is able to become. Kids that have varied skill sets and a variety of interests could end up being stifled by a longer school day.

For some children, the best part of their day is when they are able to play music, participate in sports, or indulge in other creative pursuits. When the opportunity to do so is taken away, children do not always react favorably and the lack of fulfillment could lead to decreased academic performance. Time Is Not Always Spent Wisely The mere act of forcing children to spend more time at school does not guarantee that the time will be used in a manner that is efficient or wise.

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